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We are a media production studio


animations / commercials videos / video editing / 3d animation / introductory videos / product clips / video guides /  instructional videos / real estate videos / marketing videos

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Boarding to ferry

TS Laevad OÜ

Asia Pacific Survey

White Clarke Group

Minu Telia

Telia Eesti AS

Driving in the port

TS Laevad OÜ

Alma TVC

Taevas Ogilvy agency

Lahti Development

Promedia (Finland)

Safety on Board procedures

TS Laevad OÜ

SEB Insurance


Dreamapply application




The core of our services is professional video production. We take you from concept to distribution. We offer channel- and format-based production, design, infographic videos, video production, social media videos, photography and animation.


You can order filming for commercials, real estate objects, interviews, presentations and seminars as well as corporate, cultural, sports and other events. High-quality video footage is crucial for the creation of any video production.

Video editing

We have long experience in editing and video processing. We have performed video editing and processing for many different projects: commercials, promotional videos, instructional videos, exhibition videos, lecture videos and video recordings of corporate events.

Animation 2D

Using animation, you can easily and clearly explain complex ideas, show how a product or service works and present information as animated infographics. We help you come up with a good idea, write the script, create characters, implement animation and add sound.

Video animation 3D

A 3D animated video presents the product and its functionalities most clearly and with optimal cost. We will find the best solution for your needs.


Video and photo material is often needed to illustrate posters, banners and websites. The best result in this case can be seen when the overall design is consistent and compatible. That’s why we offer complete solutions that work together.

Visual concept

Every company has design rules with a corporate visual identity that helps us differentiate the company or organization from others. We listen to the customer’s requirements and expectations and get acquainted with the company’s brand strategy.

Creative solutions

We try to design creative solutions so that the value of the brand always grows. In our daily work, we focus on quality and speed, listen to the customer’s requirements and consider their needs.


We help you to create, plan and carry out ideas for various campaigns. Campaigns are an important part of sales and marketing and need careful planning. Will will help you find the best solutions for your needs and expectations.

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